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All about Well Dressing in the Derbyshire tradition


Charlesworth (village):

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How to get there

Charlesworth is located on the A626 between Glossop and Marple. The Church of the Immaculate Conception is about 1km north west of the village, on Long Lane, approaching Broadbottom. Long Lane is not well signposted, but apart from estate roads it is the only road heading north west out of the village. Charlesworth School is on Town Lane, which leaves the main road through the village directly opposite its junction with Long Lane.

CAR: use SK13 5ES for satnav
There is a small parking area in front of the School, but if full it may be necessary to park on street elsewhere in the village.

BUS: Every Day: hourly from Glossop and Hyde, serving both Church and village. A second hourly service from Glossop on Mondays to Fridays serves the village only.

TRAIN: at Broadbottom station (about 0.7 km from the Church of the Immaculate Conception, about 2km from Town Lane) Mondays to Saturdays: 2 per hour Manchester, Glossop and Hadfield. Sundays: hourly from Manchester, Glossop and Hadfield.

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